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More  and  more, retailers  like  you  are  turning to Paragon’s

Retail+Plus Management System to gain a competitive edge.

Backed  by  over  25-years of  development  and  field  testing,

Paragon  stands  behind  the  stability,  performance  and

flexibility  of  our  Retail+Plus  Management  System  (RPMS). 

RPMS is not just a general accounting package with a couple extra modules added, it was designed from the ground up for operating and managing a retail business.


Paragon is more than a Point-of-Sale Software Provider.  We have helped 1000’s of Retailers who were automating for the first time by taking the fear out of the process.  We start by understanding your particular needs and designing a solution to fit.  We then work with you to build, deliver, install, and implement that solution.


Feel secure knowing that your RPMS solution has been implemented by one of the leading Business Solutions partners’ in America.  Once your Paragon Business Solution has been implemented; Great Support is the key to your project’s long-term success.  We provide the support services that help you understand and apply the power of the Paragon Software to manage your retail business.


Mission-critical software demands accurate, accessible, fast and friendly Service & Support.  No more calling a service line only to talk to a machine, or be redirected to an unknown country.  At Paragon, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always eager to answer your call and serve you.  We consider Great Support to be as important as great software.

Your Management System Business Partner


  Paragon Retail Systems

4949 E. Spruce Dr.

Dunnellon, FL 34434

(352) 414-5161

Sales (888) 816-7603

Fax (888) 944-6448

You Have the best of both worlds….

                                                    A Rock Solid, Easy to use, and flexible POS

                                                    Solution from A Company  offering hands down;

                                                    the best support in the industry!


It’s everything you want… It’s everything you deserve!

It's Not Just State Of The Art Software, It's A Company With The Standards and Ethics You Have Been Searching For...

Right Technology.  Right Solution.  Right People.

Let us show you what Paragon’s Retail+Plus Management System can do for you.

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